Battle of the Bands podcast

SonicBoom founder Steve Glaveski wrote, narrated, and produced Battle of the Bands - for fun!

A narrative form show, BOTB explores rivalries between rock and metal greats like Megadeth v Metallica, Bon Jovi v Motley Crue, and Iron Maiden v Judas Priest.

The show features AI-generated clone voices of band members to give the narrative a sense of authenticity, and one of being teleported back in time.

31 episodes have been published, generating over 30,000 downloads in the process, and making entries into Apple Podcasts Music top 40 chart in US, UK, and Australian markets.

A handful of YouTube Shorts for the show also performed well, generating over 10,000 views in some cases (below).

Listen to an episode below.

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The beauty of podcasts is that you can listen to them anywhere - going for a walk, in the gym, in the car, and so on.

That’s why they've become one of the most popular mediums in the world.
As of mid 2023, there are 464.7 million podcast listeners globally as of 2023.
This number is predicted to reach 504.9 million by 2024.
The podcast industry market size is $23.56 billion.

Podcasts build an intimate connection with the listener like no other medium, and they can be an excellent relationship and brand-building tool.

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