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Content is vital to your online visibility

In today's word, if you're not publishing relevant content in the relevant places, it's like you don't exist.

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6X more efficient than traditional marketing

Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates 3 times more leads.

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People buy from brands they trust

The best way to build social proof and nurture both B2B & B2B prospects is with high-quality and targeted content published consistently.

We help your target customers find you online - and connect.


Establish your firm as industry leaders, build trust, improve SEO, and generate organic inbound traffic from prospective portfolio companies and partners.
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Most people listen to podcasts religiously, as they seek an edge in their thinking.
Get inside their heads, literally, with a branded podcast, or curated guest spots on popular shows.


Whether it’s YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter (X), video captures attention, ranks higher in search engines, is very  shareable, and can help your brand establish a friendly and familiar face in the market.

Whitepapers & eBooks

Well-researched whitepapers and eBooks on topics of interest to your target market are a great way to demonstrate expertise, generate inbound traffic and build a mailing list full of prospective customers, investors and partners.

Tweet threads

Like them or hate them, tweet threads help VCs & founders build a personal brand, and get noticed online.


Short-Form snippets

Short-form video and imagery for social media is one of the most effective tools in every digital marketers arsenal, and we can prepare engaging and humorous snippets to help your content get noticed.

Optimized websites

Still using that boring old website template? We'll build you a website that will fill prospective founders, investors, and clients with confidence, and be optimized to generate deal flow.

Email newsletters

Email is the best way to engage your audience, but crafting compelling emails that will grab your target market's attention takes time.
Let us do it for you.

Founder resources

Distinguish yourself by providing value-adding resources to founders, investors and prospective customers such as how-to guides, resource lists, and useful templates.

1. Define your target market & objectives

We work hard to understand your goals, target market & craft a strategy and content calendar that will help you build visibility, trust, relationships and deal-flow.

2. Create compelling & engaging content

We craft unique and tailored omni-channel content that is both entertaining and educational, and geared towards capturing the attention of your target market.

3. Distribute & promote it

Creating content is half the fun (and half the battle).
We actively work to ensure your content and your brand gets noticed, learn by doing, hone our voice, and iterate in order to optimize reach & engagement.

Our  three-step approach to getting you noticed

We get startups & venture capital

SonicBoom was founded by content tragic, Steve Glaveski. He's a two-time published Wiley author, frequent HBR contributor, host of the 1M+ download Future Squared podcast, former SXSW speaker, and he previously incubated 100 startups at his innovation consultancy Collective Campus. Those startups are today worth over US$1BN.
He participated in Adeo Ressi's VC Lab program where he realized that his joy & superpower lies not in capital raising, but in crafting compelling content for startups & VCs.

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A run of the mill content agency won't work
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You can't afford not to do content if you want to generate returns
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Praise for our work

New York Times bestselling author

“Steve Glaveski understands something that few leaders have figured out. It’s possible to do less and get more done.
This book [Time Rich] offers a blueprint for working smarter".

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Brad Feld
Co-founder of Techstars, and managing partner at Foundry Group

"Steve Glaveski has provided a magical book [Lemonade Stand] that teaches kids about entrepreneurship.
It should be a part of every parent / child reading library at an early age."

Bestselling author of Hooked, and Indistractable

"Steve Glaveski offers countless ways to get more out of each day in his book Time Rich."

SXSW organizer

“We were thrilled to have Steve Glaveski as one of our SXSW 2021 professional development sessions.
Steve's session was one of the highlights of SXSW 2021 and we hope to have him join us again.”

Editor at Harvard Business Review

“I love working with Steve. His writing is always thought provoking, and he is always reliable, dependable, and easy to communicate with”.

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