Is it too late to start a podcast?

Steve Glaveski

The average Joe Rogan podcast episode gets 11 million downloads.

Meanwhile, the average CNN prime-time show gets only 400,000 viewers, only 80,000 of which are 25 to 54 year olds, the demographic most likely to be actively working, making the lion’s share of online purchases, and most actively sought after by advertisers.

Podcasts are an unparalleled way to build intimate connections with your audience, trust, social proof, and generate inbound leads and business - whether you’re a VC, a startup, or a big corporate.

Not only that, but a single podcast episode can be repurposed into a blog post, a transcript, numerous video shorts for all of the social media platforms, a YouTube video, and helps you build relationships with people of interest (think investors, startup founders, potential clients, journalists, partners, and more…).

And while almost half of all Americans listen to podcasts, it’s still early.

The podcast market is expected to grow 10X over the next eight years, from about US$20B today, to over US$200B.

But 90% of podcasts don’t get beyond episode 3.
And 90% of the rest don’t get beyond episode 20.

That means only 1% of podcasts get to episode 21.

And about 0.1% get to episode 100.  

But here’s the thing. In order to get to traction and build a meaningful recurring audience, you’ve got to aim for 100 episodes at a minimum.

And most brands give up because of the work involved, and the lack of immediate traction.

Here at SonicBoom, we help brands go the distance by doing the heavy lifting.

While it might only take one hour to record a podcast episode, it takes an entire day to research questions, do post-production, and promote episodes.

Not to mention podcast strategy or guest scheduling.

We do all of the above for you.

Our team has launched, hosted, and produced numerous popular podcasts over the years, including Future Squared, Boost Your Biology, Getcha Rocks Off, and many more, generating millions of downloads along the way, and tens of thousands of inbound leads.

If you’re curious about podcasts, feel free to email me with your questions.

I’m happy to answer any question you have or hop on a call if you prefer.

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