In Data: VC Website Traffic Ranked

Steve Glaveski

Website traffic is a reflection of many things for a VC firm.

Brand and reputation, inbound deal flow, backlinks, events, PR, word of mouth, and compelling content and resources.

The same can be said for podcast downloads, YouTube views, and followership and engagement on social media, where some firms opt to invest more of their energy.

Still, it stands to reason that there will be a strong correlation between website traffic and fund returns.

As such, find below a list of the 56 most popular venture firm websites, by way of web traffic.

Granted, Y-Combinator's outsized traffic is testament to it being not only the world's most sought after incubator, but also its massive library of startup-building resources.

Here's that same chart, without YC.

Perhaps its not surprising that the list is topped by five firms with a significant content footprint - a16z, Sequoia, First Round, BVP and Lightspeed - from articles and reports to podcasts and videos.

Interestingly, they're also the firms that routinely top Cambridge Associates' lists of top-performing funds.

It's hard to argue against investing in content as part of a long-term strategy to attract quality deal flow and generate attractive returns.

Here's the full list. Your firm not on it? See how you stack up over at SimilarWeb.


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