How content can double your LP pipeline

Steve Glaveski
Published on:
January 16, 2024

Whether launching a debut fund or raising your next vintage with an established track record, the road to securing limited partner capital is paved with competition.

2023 was a tough year. Venture fundraising was down over 40% through the end of November.

And 2024 is shaping up to be a tough one too, with only 20% of LPs surveyed by Venture Capital Journal saying they would invest more into the asset class this year (33% said less).

For emerging managers especially, differentiation is essential to stand out in a crowded venture landscape, especially when LP time is scarce and alternatives are plentiful.

Beyond past exist and metrics and team, how can GPs convey an edge and vision to break through the noise generated by thousands of venture firms globally?

In 2023, an integrated content strategy is no longer optional – it’s quickly becoming the expectation.

If you’re not creating relevant content and publishing it in relevant places, you almost don’t exist.

Below I share some valuable insights and perspectives on how content significantly increase your LP pipeline, and make it easier to raise capital in 2024.

The Evolving LP Landscape

Let’s ground ourselves in the current reality. The LP atmosphere has fundamentally shifted compared to even three years ago.

Several dynamics are converging:

Proliferation of Venture Funds

New venture funds are launching every week, even amid the downturn.

Whether sector specialists or stage focused, micro VCs or outsized mega funds, the market grows more saturated by the month.

Even established LPs struggle tracking new entrants.

Focus on Emerging Managers

Seeking market inefficiencies with less competition, LPs are prioritizing first-time funds which tend to generate better returns than repeat funds.

Yet for emerging managers, crafting differentiation beyond the credentials of a few key individuals is paramount.

Content Emerges as The Differentiator

In this climate, conveying edge and vision through consistent thought leadership provides that differentiation.

By publishing valuable insights, research and perspectives, GPs can radically expand their LP universe.

The Halo Effect

Just as startup founders obsess over conveying category leadership to outflank competitors, venture funds should pursue the same halo.

In an ocean awash in polished PowerPoints, thought leadership builds distinctive awareness and recognition.

Media Houses as Qualification Engines

Rather than attending dozens of investor conferences or expanding bizdev teams, platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter provide targeted reach at scale.

Some call it leveraging “social selling” but it’s equally suited to fundraising.

By lining up guest columns in respected finance publications, hosting podcasts, publishing insightful articles, and so forth, GPs can position themselves as go-to experts to watch and capture captive investor audiences.

Trust Transfer

Just as founders pitch VCs they admire to benefit from the halo effect of prior startup bets, LP candidates evaluate venture funds by the company they keep.

Strategic affiliations convey quality.

Media can help you accrue trust based on readership associations.

The same dynamic applies to podcast interviews enjoyed passively by capital allocators on their commute. Which podcasts do you appear on, or conversely, who’s appearing on yours?

Rising Above the Noise

For time-starved LPs inundated with press releases and pitch meetings, such unsolicited yet valuable insights stand out against stale annual letters or metric-heavy slide decks.

In an increasing winner-take-most investment industry, differentiation remains the key to rising above noise while expanding share of mind.

The Proof Is In the Metrics

All the above advocacy would ring hollow without evidence. So how does thought leadership tangibly translate to LP deal flow? The data reveals a clear correlation.

Across multiple analyses, GPs actively publishing research or perspectives tend to attract 2-3X more LP introductions and referrals compared to so-called “quiet capitalists”.

In one recent case study, a first-time midwest VC began sharing intermittent insights on the changing retail infrastructure landscape. In the process they secured speaking slots at multiple capital conferences. Within two quarters of launching their content program, their average monthly LP introductions doubled.

In another example, a Boston-based growth equity firm contributed a detailed piece on underfollowed Secondaries opportunities a leading VC newsletter.

The unsolicited article generated a spike in inbound inquiries. It also landed interviews for the partners with respected finance podcasts listened to by allocators globally.

While past performance remains the strongest LP signal, such examples reinforce that in a crowded arena, thought leadership can profoundly expand pipeline reach.

The Cost of Inaction

Beyond missed connections, the price of failing to differentiate more broadly is significant. Without conveying edge, first-time funds risk being bucketed as “emerging manager of the week” by time-pressed LPs. Misaligned introductions waste valuable prep time.

For successors to hot debut funds, the sophomore slump is real. Lightning rarely strikes twice without a persuasive X factor beyond potluck exits.

Across the board, LPs yearn for sustainability indicators. Thought leadership provides that market signal.

Start With Your Story

Curating a content strategy need not require a dedicated communications team. For most funds, partners can share the load as spokespeople highlighting uneven industry insights.

The first step is understanding what makes your strategy and expertise worth broadcasting through the lens of specific capital allocators.

Connecting your fund’s origin story with current pursuits grounds narratives.

Conveying how market shifts spotlight opportunities in your wheelhouse or how firsthand lessons learned are fueling updated approaches turns on relevance for listener purposes rather than self-promotion.

Tangible Next Steps

Ready to dive into amplifying your firm’s perspective across channels but not sure where to start? Follow these three simple steps for beginners:

1. Identify 3-5 niche topics where your fund has particular expertise based on deals, data or experience. Choose insights likely to attract LP interest.

2. Craft a guest post column or podcast outline summary for your top topic. Weave in exclusive data, forward-looking predictions and actionable advice.

3. Research publications and podcasts your LPs follow today. Pitch the creator or editor by highlighting why your piece fits their audience. Rinse and repeat.

The Bottom Line

In today’s venture landscape, LPs seek transparency, vision and differentiation from GPs — Both emerging managers and successors.

Rather than paying to play at exclusive conferences, funds can leverage media exposure based on the quality of their insights vs prestige.

Help set your firm apart in a crowded arena by embracing public perspectives powered by private experience. The road to fundraising never ends but valuable content speeds the journey.

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